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Our webmasters are dedicated to developing custom websites to really showcase your business. We really take the time and work closely with you in your market to develop your website that really tells your story. You will not see cookie cutter type websites from Tire Guru! Our websites turn leads and traffic into solid sales.



We have a tire and wheel catalog with over 80,000 tires and 40,000 wheels. Let your customers search your website using our enhanced vehicle fitment solution, by tire size or simply put in your vehicle license plate and we will determine the tire size they need. Your customers can browse the tires and wheels you carry as well as your supplier.


Our SEO efforts start with research, audit and analysis. Every customer is different and every website should be different. We get to know your business and devote our resources to your keyword searches, analytics, link profile analysis, link building, competitor research, brand monitoring, initial optimization and link optimization.

In today’s day and age your website will be viewed on all sorts of devices and many different sizes of devices. From the computer desktop to the smallest smartphone, our websites are 100% responsive and will look great on any device they are viewed on.

You can choose to display tire, wheel and service pricing on your website, or you can choose our Request A Quote option. We give you the tools you need to change between these options with the click of a button. If your market changes and it is time to show your current pricing on your website, we can easily redesign it to fit the current pricing needs.

Utilizing Tire Guru’s appointment scheduler allows your customers to quickly and easily request and schedule online appointments. You can review the appointment, confirm or reschedule the appointment and instantly communicate back with your customer.





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